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What happened, England?

I wrote in the previous post that someone at the Academy Awards should protest the prosecution of Dutch politician and filmmaker Geert Wilders in the name of artistic freedom of speech.

Now Mr. Wilders, who was invited by a member of the House of Lords to screen Fitna, has been detained at Heathrow Airport after being banned from entering England.

(Question: Are Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad banned from England as well? Or are dictators exempt from such measures?)

The British government claims that the presence of Mr. Wilders would constitute a threat to the security of the country. But who is more of a threat to Britain: a Dutch parliamentarian or the head of the Church of England advocating sharia law?

This is yet another indicator that the British have gone insane. It distresses me greatly to say this, since I love England and its history and culture. I love its literature, its architecture, and, until recently, the stiff-upper-lipness of its people. I love the impossible collection of great men it has produced in a steady stream for hundreds of years. I love its wit and its accent. And though I am forever fortunate and grateful that America won its independence, I harbor only affinity toward the nation we broke away from, whose traditions we inherited.

But as I watch the reaction of the current British goverment to the Islamic extremism that seeks to be the future British government, I fear for our distant cousin across the pond.