Scenes from a dojo

Segment of transcript of my karate class:

Instructor: Now I’m going to teach you how to do a rising block. Put your arm above your face like this.

Me: Okay.

Instructor: A little higher. Good. Keep those fingers in a fist. Now, before you switch and block with your other arm, you’re going to release the fist in the arm that’s already blocking and straighten your fingers, like this.

Me: Why do I straighten my fingers?

Instructor: Because after you block your opponent’s punch, you can grab his arm — try to hit me….

Me: Okay….

Instructor: You can grab his arm like this —

Me: Oh.

Instructor:  — and twist it.



Instructor: Any questions?

Me: No, I think I got it.


2 responses to “Scenes from a dojo

  1. RightWingFeminist

    You are obviously a weakling. Please introduce me to your instructor.

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