Women and Weddings

My sister is getting married in August. I have found out these past couple weeks that planning a wedding has much in common with plotting a murder: both require an eye for detail, a cunning mind, and a dash of insanity, and ultimately provide the same amount of satisfaction for the planner.


6 responses to “Women and Weddings

  1. RightWingFeminist

    Your sister sounds very wise, and very normal.

  2. My sister is very crazy.

  3. RightWingFeminist

    Men have no idea about even the basic planning that goes into a wedding. So, no, your sister is not crazy. This type of planning takes military precision.

  4. Is that why she wears military fatigues and has the blueprints of several different churches spread out on the table when planning?

  5. Jonathan,

    Good aphoristic writing!

    (And congratulations on the wedding in the family.)

  6. Thanks, Michael!

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