Sunshine Patriots

I see that the video where Hollywood celebrities are pledging to support Obama is getting lots of talk. Funny how they get all patriotic once their guy gets in office. Where the hell was their patriotism for the past eight years?

In other news, a relative who lives in Seattle gave me the details on that big snow storm last month, and I told him that the best cure for the gray-weather blues is a sun lamp and a Girls Gone Wild video. It wasn’t until later when I realized what a brilliant idea that is.


4 responses to “Sunshine Patriots

  1. RightWingFeminist

    Nice to know that that’s the cure, unlike, say, reading a book or taking a walk. This demonstrates the intellectual capacity of males (or lack thereof).

  2. Face it: You are in awe of my genius.

    All women are.

  3. I typically go for the Girls Gone Wild book/DVD set, for just that reason.

  4. Good point. I’ll see if Costco has it.

    By the way, do the DVDs come with director’s commentary?

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